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Many busy actors get lots of auditions but get overwhelmed and disorganized when it comes to keeping track of all the important details that could help them land more work.

Without a clear strategy it's hard for actors to:

Book More
Consistent Work

Build Network

Record and Track

Build A More
Professional Career

Market Yourself Professionally

Audition Tracker is your secret weapon to build a professional profile that will help you show up for auditions and workshops with more confidence. Stay more organized with all of your marketing and messaging in one easy place.

  • Upload multiple headshots
  • Store audition and workshop tapes
  • Keep your resume always up to date
  • Upload media files for easy access

Track Data Powerfully

Numbers tell a story, and professional actors embrace feedback
that helps them sharpen their booking rate. When you track the
numbers, you finally know what's working and what's not.

  • Keep a detailed record for each audition and workshop including lead source and role type
  • Capture casting director's feedback, notes and preferences in-real-time
  • Track financial investments and professional expenses as your career progresses
  • Get detailed reports and graphs to help you
    measure results each month

Connect Your Team Seamlessly

Communicating with multiple members of your team takes time and
details can get lost in the hustle. With a dashboard that connects
in-real-time, keep your entire team updated at every moment.

  • Keep an updated list of details for your agent, managers and their team
  • On-demand dashboard gives instant visibility into details everyone needs with just one click
  • Track bookings that originate with your agent or manager and those you book directly
  • Collaborate with your team by reviewing the data and metrics from auditions, workshops and booked jobs

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